Fonso” was born Víctor Alfonso Montilla on September 26th, 1997. In San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Growing up in a predominantly media-oriented environment, it was not until age 12 that Fonso held his first guitar.  Soon enough, what at first was a love-hate relationship, soon bloomed into an everlasting romance.  As he progressed in his musical studies with Conservatorio de Música’s alumnae Wes Rivera, and professors at Hato Rey’s The Music Store and Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, he knew this instrument was his passion and music was his calling.

He’s attended the Berklee Workshop in Puerto Rico where he played with renowned professors Rick Peckham and Egui Castrillo.  He participated in, acclaimed musician and Grammy Award winner, Humberto Ramírez' Jazz Workshop at the Guaynabo School of Performing Arts, and through Humberto, he met Professor Osvaldo López Rivera, of Osvaldo López Quartet, and whose credits include playing with famed Puerto Rican artists.  Through him, he learned to love the sound of blues, jazz and funk, and has become his professor, and mentor ever since.

While he grew up listening to 80’s music and classic rock, he is a 16 year-old, old soul who finds comfort in ballads and is inspired by the pureness of unplugged, acoustic music.  He looks up to Draco Rosa, Tommy Torres and John Mayer for their songwriting and versatility.  He dreams of furthering his studies at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, and consolidating his career in the music industry as a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

He is the former guitarist for the band Gian & The Sound, who played at Puerto Rico's premier performance hall, the Centro de Bellas Artes, Luis A. Ferré, opening for the Prince Royce Concert, among other venues.Today, he continues his guitar studies with Osvaldo López and is furthering his music education at Puerto Rico's prestigious Conservatorio de Artes del Caribe (CAC). He recently returned from Boston after attending Berklee College of Music's Vocal Summit and Stage Performance Workshop.


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