About my music...

I love ALL things music - that's no secret.  I think music speaks, and people speak different languages.  I can' t seem to speak just one.  While most of the time, my guitar does the talking, sometimes the cool beats of dance and electronic are just what I need to get my message across.  I think you can say what you have to say with music - any kind of music... if it moves you and you get my message - then you understand.  And if it gets you to get up and dance, well, even better!

Besos de la Mañana (kisses in the morning) is really special to me because it was recorded at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, during the final performance of the Vocal Summit and Stage Performance Workshop.  You can see the video of this recording on this site as well.  

But whether it's the electronic sounds of Outta my Head, the romantic in me singing Sin Ti, the autobiographical story of Little Boy or a couple of favorites (specially because I got to play them with my guitar professor and mentor, Osvaldo López Rivera) Happy Ending and You won't be alone this Christmas, I really hope you can enjoy my music and that it reminds you a little bit about yourself as well.


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